How To Choose From Home Addition Options

Home addition is a crucial topic which must be approached with due care to get the most out of your investment. After all you must achieve the objectives in front of you through the home addition Austin project you embark on. Here are a few ideas on how to choose from different home addition options when it comes to adding a finished living space to your existing home.

Converting the attic or basement

Converting the unfinished space in the basement or attic is a cost effective way to add living space to your home. To study the feasibility in this regard, you must ensure if the ceiling height is sufficient and if the floor and ceiling structures meet the engineering requirements. Also, this idea is feasible only in homes where attics are framed without roof trusses. The cost of this project can vary depending on the area of the attic.

Bump out or room addition

Room addition or a bump out is a possibility if you want to add a single room structure built into the side of the house. This can satisfy the requirement as a bed room or bathroom. In most cases, this approach expands only the size of a single room. In this way, you can add some more space to your kitchen or can turn a cramped dining area into a comfortable place to dine and socialize. In several cases of this addition, a new roof line is necessary and it can be a flat roof or a shed style roof.

Adding a sunroom

If you need additional protected space for recreation, this is an option to go with. A sun room set up thus can be separated from the other parts of the house with doors. This addition is usually smaller than a full size addition and most often, they are made of pre-fabricated material. Generally, sunrooms are not used as sleeping spaces on a permanent basis. It is not a practice to install a bathroom or kitchen in sunrooms.

Converting a garage

If you want to add in-law suites and get in some additional sizeable space, this can be an option. For such a type of addition, the garage is transformed into a living room with the addition of flooring and replacing the garage door with a solid wall. A ceiling is mostly installed in this case. Garage conversion is usually suitable for betting additional living room or expanding the living room. In some cases, garages can become full-fledged living spaces by including a bathroom and kitchen in them.

Take away

Home addition options are many. However, what will suit you the best will depend on the existing layout of your home and your family’s typical needs and expectations. The best approach to home addition Austin is to consult a good home addition expert who can study the existing structure and give you the best route to pursue. Do some research and find the best home addition contractor in your area.

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